Meridian 71

Is a collective of international musicians based and active in Boston, MA (USA), led by drummer/composer Giuseppe Paradiso. The collective was founded by G. Paradiso in 2012 and in the same year recorded the first album “Otherness Collection”, which features only original compositions by Giuseppe Paradiso. The original music performed by Meridian 71, is the result of extensive research into various musical styles, traditions and cultures, combining composed material and improvisation.

Otherness Collection was recorded by a very eclectic and international band: Burcu Gulec (Turkey) on voice; Mark Zaleski (United States) on sax soprano and alto, flute and clarinet; Hagai Perets (Israel) on guitar and cumbus; Utar Artun (Turkey) on piano and keyboards; Greg Feingold (United States) on upright and electric fretless bass; Andrew Dow (United States) on electric bass; Yuriana Sobrino (Mexico) on percussion and Giuseppe Paradiso (Italy) on drums and percussion. This album was recorded live at The Record Company in Boston (USA) by sound engineers Alex Muñoz and Javier G.F. Escudero, whom also edited, mixed and mastered it. This project was inspired by a collaboration with philosopher Francesco Paradiso (PhD in philosophy from the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia) and aims at exploring the ethical implications of the encounter between the practice of world jazz music and the philosophical concept of ‘otherness’.

Meridian 71 has been active since 2012 in the greater Boston metro jazz scene, performing at venues such as Ryles Jazz Club, Lily Pad, Berklee Summer concerts in Kendall sq. (Cambridge, MA). Current live line-up includes guitarist Jussi Reijonen, bassists Bruno Raberg and Justin Meyer. Meridian 71 is currently working on the second album to be recorded in 2015.



Music that talks to the listener, rich of several and different cultural elements that Giuseppe and his magnificent band blend wonderfully together with sweetness and energy. Encounter and fusion of melodies, harmonies and rhythms that evoke arcane atmospheres, intense sentiments and distant landscapes, but strongly present and real. Music that makes you travel beyond the boundaries of imagination to offer you swirls of deep emotions.

Marcello Pellitteri
Drummer, Educator
Professor at Berklee College of Music


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